2-24-19 Colossians 1:3-8 Bible Study Basics - Part 1 “Outline and Observation"

This is a pre-teaching lesson using an outline of these verses as a bible study tool for looking deeper into the passage. Along the way we talk about the need to slow things down and take a deeper look in hopes of getting a deeper grasp of what is actually being taught. This particular teaching is not about deep principles or applications, it is a foundation stone that is very useful and important for personal bible study. We talk a little bit about strong marriages, being “undevourable” and understanding our identity in Christ. I also talk about individual word studies and I share a glimpse into my own personal time in the word. I hope it excites you to dig deeper and to use the tool of grammatical and structural outlines in your own bible study. Get ready, next week we will jump into this passage with both feet so please examine the scriptures and prepare for our time together. Until then, may God richly bless you in all things.

Pastor Mike