3-3-19 BONUS TEACHING: "Communion: What, How, and Why"

This is what I call a BONUS TEACHING - Often while introducing a subject, teaching, or passage, I am led to give a bit of a preview or an explanation of what we are doing and why we are doing it. This particular talk precedes our communion service and was given in two parts during the service…before the sermon and as a wrap-up and lead-in to the Lord’s Supper. It was then joined together in the studio as a single expression. This talk is informal and impromptu and intended to help people “step into” the communion service with greater understanding, heightened expectation and fuller appreciation of what happened at the cross and what happens when we partake individually and as the Body of Christ. I hope it is helpful and uplifting, but most of all, I hope it exalts Christ in fuller understanding and expression.