Easter Morning Service at Garfield Community Church - The same power that raised Jesus from the grave is the SAME POWER that lives in us.

We use 4 videos and a song to set the stage for this Easter celebration. Beginning with "Watch The Lamb" by Ray Boltz we get a close up and personal look at the crucifixion from the point of view of the man forced to carry the cross. Then we see things from the perspective of on of the thieves who were also crucified along with Jesus in the video "Too Small A Price" by Don Francisco. Mike sings "He's Alive" by Don Francisco and then we focus on the incredible reality that the same power of the resurrection lives in us, Christians, as expressed in two different videos, one by Jeremy Camp entitled, "Same Power" and one by Michael W. Smith called, "The Same Power".

These all work together to tell the Easter Story in a powerful compelling fashion that ultimately ends up with triumph and encouragement as we come to the realization that that same resurrection power lives in us, the church, His people. I hope you enjoy this presentation and that it spurs you on to walk boldly in your resurrection identity. Happy Easter, Happy Resurrection life in Christ. Now, Go Play!